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confused about marrying someone because I don’t know if at this point in my life, marriage is something that’s my priority

Me and my partner have been together for 2 years. We started dating in college and it’s been real fun & amazing. I love spending time with them and they’re literally everything ing that i can imagine and more in a life partner i want. Our relationship is going well, we’re both at the same page about what we want out of our lives. They want to travel the world and i wanna be more successful in my career. We’ve discussed this multiple times and we’re cool where we are and are content

Our families know that we’ve been dating for a while and we’ve met each other’s parents are we’re quite involved in each other’s families as well. Our parents think we should get married but we’re both really confused about marrying someone at this point in our life. Marriage is not our priority at the moment. Is this something we want to do at some point in our life? We don’t know. We’re not sure but our parents keep pressuring us and we’re both so annoying.

I personally don’t wanna get married unless i am a 100% sure if this is something that I want and also because it comes with a lot of responsibility that i dont know if i am reday for or if i ever will be. i just feel like i should stand my ground because it’s about my life and i dont wanna live it based on what anybody thinks. i am confused about marrying someone and i will be for a while

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How old are you

Maria @camilee

You don’t need to get married. That’s your choice, we always have a choice. Decide what you want, that’s the best decision you can do for you.
Marriage it’s an institution and it’s okay to fulfill your dreams without getting married. I did it (decided to not get married, even when everything seemed perfect for each other) and it freed me from societal pressures and expectations.

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