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Confession time: I was once a hardcore fan of Andrew Tate. & man, it wrecked me so badly. I lacked good male role models in my life and I didnt know how to become a man or what I should do to become a man. Listening to him ruined my relationship with a wonderful woman because I couldnt treat her right. I couldnt see women as independent human beings who have a mind of their own. I saw them as selfish and opportunistic sub-humans who didnt really have a mind of their own. I lost my female friends because I thought it was useless to have female friends & I heavily prioritised my male friends because I believed that these were the friendships worth having. (Contd below)

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I thought masculinity was about bottling up emotions, being dismissive of others & exercising power and dominance. I couldnt be more off the mark. I was obsessed with having virgin women as my partner even though I am not a virgin myself and I had horrible opinions about women who werent virgins. My break-up pushed me even further into this rabbit hole and I would have stayed there if I hadnt received the news of my ex getting married. She was getting married to a man who wasnt as tall as me, wasnt as fit as I am, made less than me & wasnt that good looking. This woke me up. I had thought of women as being hypergamous and gold-diggers. I saw some of my friends marrying women who were older than them and I saw women in their 30s having great relationships & getting married. I started seeking therapy and now after almost a year of intense therapy I have realized that I was a fool. I had confused barbarianism with masculinity. Today I cherish my female friends (I got some of them back) & it feels good to chill with women platonically. Life is better. You can be a man without thinking that all women are gold-diggers or hypergamous. Therapy made me realize that relationships are partnerships and men and women are equal. My ex and I are friends now (I have apologized to her). To the ones who are fans of Andrew Tate- dont stan that man. Hes a human trafficker whos deeply damaged and he will damage u too. Look for better role models in your life. Over and out


So it went under review but to give you an overview: I was extremely toxic to my then gf (now ex) and when she married a man who made less than me and wasnt that good-looking, I realized that I was being fooled by Tate. So then I took therapy and now I am a healthier and a more masculine man who treats women like human beings and cherishes his female friends. My mental health has improved too when I realized that people are unique. To all the Tate fans- I hope you mature too.


Who is Andrew Tate?


Google him. You will get to know

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I dont measure my maturity as per your metric. Have a good day.


So much proud and your so called masculinity in your words. Hope you heal someday. Get well soon.


Read the post again. You misunderstood it


Your post doesnt deserve my time anymore to read it again when you cant write a post which is self explanatory. Using unknown random names without mentioning who they are isnt a great post.
If you think the name you mentioned is known by everyone in this world then grow up kid.
Anyways last words from me. Wont be commenting anymore.

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I am so heartbroken that you wont comment anymore 不不不不. Never asked you to give my post your time lol. Its fun to engage with folks like you haha. Have a good day ahead. 不


Im really happy to see that you really realise why did you go wrong and bro owning up your mistakes are one the steps to seek solace from our ownselves夙lad that you really realise it soon ik you must have lost more before but now you know that you were wrong and now you ownself want to be a better夷 really wish the best for you bud 圩eels good when someone gets out of their shallow shell :))




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