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What’s it is like having a voice in digital World? I always wondered.

I post something and few people will provide unsolicited advice on comments.

But why ?

Okays, it open.

I must post to people to look at me. But not with an validation to make.

It is just a voice, to attract like minded people and connect and socialize.
Humans are social animal. But enough of hiding. Being real is freedom. Facing the life as it comes instead of running from it or fighting from it.

Just do what you think you need to do.

Forgetting about right or wrong.
Million people billion opinions.
If i bother them all in my head , my voice will never come back to speak what it feels. invention is necessity of mother. And great invention come out of in the form of voice, the voice of mind.

I must be open now. Open, strong, untouchable, incredible.

Like sun.

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