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klabyou @findingnieros

college is like really near and i still haven’t applied to any university. gluck w/ me

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It’s okay you don’t have to until you’re ready. I mean do you have another interests?


Hi. University is a big step but ask yourself - is it TRULY what you want? I know most of my growing up days, it was THE thing to do - not just with my peers but my parents wanted me to go.

I tried going - but it didn’t make me happy; school never really made me happy. I only excelled at it because I wanted to make my parents happy rather than myself. The only thing that going to university did for me was give me time away from my life where I grew up and that’s not why someone should go to college / university.

If you choose a major that does not need you to enrol into a college / university then don’t! Go to a vocational school; spend less money and perhaps less time studying and quicker for you to get into your vocation!

Or… you can try going to a community college - take the general two years of university there - at HALF the price, also will get you an associates degree (one below a bachelors) and you can THEN choose if university is for you.

Higher education isn’t JUST for teenagers heading into adult years. It’s for adults as well - you’re never too old to go back to school.

I hope that helps!

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Simran @st1199

If you know you want to enter College life then start researching before it gets too late and you regret it.
And if not, explore things you would want to do to make yourself more useful and learn new things and the skills needed today.


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