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Pholosho @blessing

Certain people will never get who I am, Sometimes you have to listen to silence to understand. I’m too damaged, maybe I’m too broken Maybe I’m losing myself or maybe I’m just hopeless It’s like we live inside a world where we can’t show emotions, Like the ones that hurt us most are who we hold the closest
And I just feel like there’s nowhere else to run
I’m scared of seeing mirrors or look at my pictures cause I hate who I become
I can never find a reason why I’m just so hard to love But I can find a thousand reasons why I’m am always sad, lonely depressed. These days I need to be alone, but I hate being lonely And I hate the new me, but I don’t miss the old me Still damaged by the empty love everyone tried to show me Cause I wasn’t the only one, And my family don’t look at me the same They look at me like we don’t share the same blood in our veins or something They look at me like I’m different when they’re the ones who changed, or Maybe I was too distant, too stuck in my ways learned to love these scars by forgiving those who gave them to me

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