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Can’t seem to understand where my life’s going 😭 I need to heal and there seems no time for that exams are coming up once again very soon I just survived them from…nov 12 to nov 28…and now 2nd jan onwards again 😭 I just kind of …embarked my journey of coming out of the mees I have been going through since a very long time…and my grandma’s not really well…my sister is unable to decide what to study next after 12th and it’s already very late…it’s almost like she might have to let go this year because already many colleges have started…and in all this I was trying to find solutions for myself along with college classes music clases which I love but have had to sacrifice so many times I just start and always this college comes in between…what should I do now…😭 I haven’t even been able to meet my doctor since nov 4…😭
I have to go to psychologist and haven’t been able to do that either…couldn’t look into finding a good psychologist only yet…
My parents are stressed my grandma who is very very close to me isn’t doing well and my sister my dearest sister who is my greatest help…isn’t finding a way and everybody is busy with their own problems and I am in my own mess…not able to guide her…😔

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Your grandma is sick
But by u taking so much stress or tension
Will she get alright???
Life can become a very huge mess at times
N you may feel cornerned or attacked from all sides
Like you are feeling right now.
Absolutely nothing seems fine…
See i know it is easy for me to write
But pls try to understand
By feeling stressed or taking tension
You will not find any solution
Rather you will face more problems
Pls pls try to stay as calm as possible…
For your grandma’s health pls pray to lord with all your sincere heart
Because certain things are not in our control…
As far as exam is concerned pls dnt wry
Just try to focus n study as much as u can
Pls free ur mind from burden
Just meditate a little
Try to relax
Try to have proper sleep n food…
N pls dnt wry about ur sister
Just assure her that you are there with her…
U know certain problems an individual has to deal with by themselves.
Just try relaxing
Good luck…
May ur grandma be blessed with speedy recovery.
May you n your family get lots of strength…
Take care


You brought tears to my eyes…thank you so much I’ll keep coming back to your message to get that determination to focus and go forward towards studying for my exams…as much as I can…amidst of keeping myself sane…and atleast keeping myself on the path of recovery…💕
I just hope these exams don’t affect where I’ve come in helping myself out…I’ll try my best to keep it up…keep up…how far I’ve come…and thank you…for that I’ll pray and leave it all that I can’t do right now or I can’t help…to the universe and it’s timing…💕 Hoping overtime I get the life I want…
Thank you so much 💕


If my words can help u even a little
I will feel blessed n obliged
It is a big thing for me
Stay calm stay happy.
Stay strong .
God bless




U really give good advices dude


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