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Can’t lose weight…trying hard but no result… Don’t feel like taking pictures and running low on self-esteem for so many years now

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Ruchi Raj @ruchi_raj

It would be too easy for me to tell you to be happy about yourself and all those positive thoughts against body shaming. But at the end those all will just be thoughts. You need to implement them. You need to see yourself beyond the one you see in the mirror. Like look at those beautiful eyes. That beautiful heart. That beautiful person who tried to change himself/herself. Losing weight is not a one day process. I have been overweight for more than 15 years of my life. And it took me 2 years to loose a little bit of weight. At first it was because I wanted to look good. But then I understood that people still liked me the way I was before. I loved myself before too. It was just a phase when I had started hating myself and had started loosing weight. Eventually I realised that I just lost some fat but I am the same person as I was before. And everyone loves me as a person not based on how I look.


If you something beneficial, do inform. Thank you. I can keep myself in your shoes and feel you. I have been a giant teenager all the time and people have now advised me to not eat anymore (which BTW just worsen the situation). PCOS is just another friendly reminder of me being overweight ( I haven’t had my periods yet, 2 weeks late already and don’t have any sex life). ;) 🤗


Not just saying it for the sake of saying or because it si easy for me to say it …but are perfect the way you are …block all the negative things in your life …weight losing is not going to happen all of a sudden …till then be happy,smile and also spread more smiles around you …read book ,cook ,excercise or anything else that makes you happy …fuck all other things …

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