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Can’t actually figure out what’s going on… I just end on hurting others!!! May be it’s due to my behaviour of doing what i want to… or talking less to people… or… i don’t know

P.S. Conflict with my thoughts

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I feel the same thing. People just end up hating me one way or another. Sometimes I feel like I’m cursed coz no matter how much I try, people end up leaving or disliking me for some reason. It’s heartbreaking that I can’t somehow make them see the real me coz what they always end up seeing is my bad side. But you know what, it doesn’t matter, as long as you know that you’re better than what they think of you. If they fail to see the good in you, then it isn’t my fault. It’s not your job to please people. What matters are those people who see and treat you the same no matter the circumstances, those are the people you should treasure.


Yes although that maybe true, the fact that no matter what some people will always leave that’s just a part of live but if there is a genuine problem of people getting hurt of upset by you then it wouldnt hurt to change a little. because you never know you might love a really good friend because of one bad habit.


Ok first of all this isn’t much info to tell you exactly what’s wrong but if people just keep on feeling like that around you then there is a problem.
ask yourself these qs
1) Do you not communicate your feelings properly
2) are you too blunt
3) do you only do what you want and not ask for advice or listen to others?
I would like to hear your ans on these because if we can’t root down the problem then we won’t find a solution.


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