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Can someone please share tips for weight loss and hair growth

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I can help with the weight loss, because I have lost 14 kgs during the lockdown.
It’s pretty simple and you don’t have to go for intense excercise also.


Please tell me how ?

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Your body needs certain amount of calories to survive for a day, depends on your BMI which u can find easily using Google.
If you are going to consume more than the calories required for a particular day your body will store that nd make your weight go up.
So you have take less calories than the required .
There are lots of apps like myfitnesspal which can help u determining how much calories you should take.
So all you have to do is count the calories your consuming using those apps and try to stay under the calories limit.
You will start to see the change within a week or two once you get to see the drop in your weight you will get motivated nd then u can lil bodyweight workouts at home just to tone your body.


Heyyy it depends on if your a male or female(don’t take it wrong because they both have a different body that’s why )



Shashidhar @shashidhar117


To keep it simple,
Eat 75% of what you eating daily in first week. Never eat full stomach.
No solid food after 7pm.
Have water 30 mins before meal and after meals 30min .
Sleep cycle should be strict.
For hair, try onion extract n lemon juice on scalp for twice in a week , dont use branded chemical shampoos. Look for less sulphate shampoo .
Its positive mindset and vibes keeps you healthy.


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