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can someone help me with the procrastination bit. its not like i dont want to study, i always plan im gonna study hard from tmmrw onwards but that tmmrw never comes beacause i just dont feel like studying. i used to be a very studious student a few years back it was like i never had to work hard for good grades i got them just like that but as i came in higher classes i realised just having a good brain doesnt work and my grades went down. i know that i can literally top my class if i even put a little amount of hardwork but i just cant sit down to studyy. i dont have the habit of sitting for hours and studying but the exam im preparing requires atleast 8 hrs of study everyday. can anyone helppp pleaseeeeeeee

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Hi, I would suggest you to start slow. Don’t think that you need to study for 8 hours straight right now. Start with say 3 hours a day with a little break after every hour. Then slowly and gradually increase from 3 hours to 5 hours and so on. It is important to give your mind and body rest after every few hours. If you take a small break to just walk a little and stretch, it might help you rejuvenate and start fresh.

If you feel your attention span is ever lesser, study for half an hour - take a 10 minute break and so on.

One thing which used to help me when I used to study psychology in 11th and 12th was: I used to take up one topic (usually a page or 2 long) and I used to learn that with complete focus. After I was done with that topic, I would take a 5 minute break to stretch or walk or check my phone. Then again I would take up another topic. This helped me a lot! Do try it out.
Best of luck!


thankyou soooo much <3. ill surely try this! :) thanks for responding

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Anytime, hope it helps❤️


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