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Can I lie to my family that my office is starting and go live in a City where my office is… I am tired of living at home… Since 2 years I am working from home… I haven’t gone out much… staying around my family is giving me mental and emotional pressure… I really need to get out of the home and live freely where I can live life on my terms without any stress… but I will feel guilty if I lie to them… and if i tell them the truth them the truth then they won’t allow me to go… any suggestions

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shshhsj @buntty

Go for it

aurora singh @gfff1721

I think you should go but don’t tell anyone about that even your close relative. You have to consider all the aspects of this problem like to cover this one lie you have to tell lot other lie too. But in my point of view mental health is most important. So take your time and then decide. One more thing you’re not hurting anyone by telling this lie so don’t worry about your family.


No relative cares… only my family… they are always saying, if office is not resumed then why do you have to go… stay with us… but I need a change in my life… it’s not like that I haven’t stayed out… I had a good life when I was living alone… but after pandemic I am home only… working like a robot…

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