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Can I just cry? until this pain fades away.

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Totally feel ya. Sometimes it’s just a relief to cry it out. But don’t keep crying for far too long. Pick yourself back up in the process. Big Hugs.


thankyouuuu Hugggsss

Moonpiecookiegi... @moonpiecookiegirl

I’ll be there right beside you, crying too. Our tears will flood the room and the pain will fade away, escaping into oblivion


I’ll be crying right there with you. I feel so down tonight, but it’s comforting to read your comments…

Perenniallyperp... @perenniallyperplexed

It’s completely okay to cry, and I believe it’s good to cry at times. Bottling up your emotions never helps and is vvv bad for you. So, let it all out. There’s nothing shameful about crying.

Therealifecoach @therealifecoach

Cry all you want. But when the crying has stopped, it is time to get to work :)The reason why you think you are crying is not what out you think, and only upon realizing this for yourself internally will you discover that you have no reason to cry externally.The journey of this discovery begins by resetting your mind to Inner-Peace.Inner-Peace is what will empower you to see your situation as it truly is, and not how you think it is, and upon seeing the truth for yourself, and forsaking your opinion of what seems true to you right now, you will find yourself able to look back on such circumstances with peace & power.If you go to, I have written a short guide to Inner-Peace. You can leave your questions as comments on the last page if you have any difficulties with finding your own way, and there are more instructions therein if you require additional help or if you would like to participate in the group coaching call today at 5PM Est. @therealifecoach on Instagram.Wishing you the very best :)


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