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Can I continue with a guy who doesn’t take a stand for himself as well as for our love… asks me to let go of me and marry or consider someone who deserves you because our families are not agreeing or just leave everything forget your parents and brother and live with me but he is not ready to leave his family…

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Sanket @sanket

Leaving should always be the last option. Your partner seems to be demotivated, fearful and insecure, which is okay and natural. Have a nice conversation with him over days, find out his mentality, support him and it may help in grow into a wonderful human
Make sure you try your best to support this relationship, efforts are required today to have a better tomorrow.


His family is in advance talk with a prospect for his marriage… and he is not giving me much details saying I am not interested… but if time comes i will say yes for family sake… and you also consider a boy for yourself…

Sanket @sanket

Woah this is sad. Do you know why he is not taking a stand for this relationship? Where did his mind fumble?
For you is it worth getting these answers?
Perhaps the time ahead will be bringing some pain


Forget and ditch him, move on with life.
Hard? Yes but happy for long run.
Its no point if he doesn’t take stand for both the reasons .
Coz that would matter and can’t be ignored.


Also one thing did u tried speaking this matter to him and even after if he is not taking up any action or not willing to
I guess u have to let go.


Yeah I talked many different ways to him to be together… but he doesn’t do anything… he is in denial…


Then I guess u dont have much options left …
Since one can not be trying while other being in denial…
See what u think to do and what feels right.
And once done dont look back .
Be happy and wish well each other


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