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Can anybody help me to increase my self confidence? It’s like I have a lot of skills in me but I let go of all good opportunities because I extremely lack self confidence. I keep thinking that every other person is better than me in this particular task so I just back off and sit quietly. I really want to live upto the potential I have within me.

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You should trust in your self more .There is nothing that you cant do or achieve ,I know many have told you this or you saw it somewhere that believing in yourself is the key to all success, you probably might think its just words that people say but how about you try it .I am not perfect but I know for a fact that nothing can stop you if you want to live up to your potential and if you fail its part of life ,just take one step at a time and you will see no matter how many times you failed ,there is always that one time you succeed so just trust and believe in what you can do. we may not know each other but always know that I’ll root for you coz I believe in everyone! hope this helps you.

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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

If you think you have the potential within you and want to live up to it.
You gotta try to be forthcoming.
If you think the other person is better than you. There’s only one way to find out if he is actually smarter/better than you, just don’t back off.
Failure is the best way to learn. Just be willing to learn and maybe you won’t be afraid.

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