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By the word ‘breakup’ most of you think that a breakup between a boy and a girl but the reality is that every relationship has ups and downs and breakups too.
Why does breakup happen ?
What is the reason behind it?
So,I had a tendency of falling in love very easily. And getting hurt also.
Gradually i started believing love is not made for me,i won’t get anyone who will love me.
I’m sure a lot of people must have faced similar situations.
But then i realised till the time you don’t love yourself,how can you expect someone else to love you?
Till the time you don’t love your flaws nobody will.
Till the time you don’t love your life/work/family etc nobody will.
Till the time you are not happy with yourself,don’t expect others to be happy with you /love you unconditionally.
Being in any kind of relationship out of loneliness is like having a toxic relation with anyone in the long run,you will feel good in the short run and think that this is the right person for the time being but at the end you will hurt yourself.
I’m not saying true love/love at first sight doesn’t exist,but please don’t hurt yourself at the end of the day.At the end of the day you are the only one you have.
Love yourself the most,give time to yourself ,make yourself your first priority.

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