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but where do we gowith all this grief?
with the words we never got to say, and
the ones we never got to hear.with the feelings that burnt with a flame so bright in our hearts and we let them, and the ones we stepped on a thousand times in order to kill them. with the tears that desperately looked for a shoulder to rest on but never found one. with the pain that desperately looked for a chest to share a temporary home in but never found one.
where do we go when we don’t have a place to go to, or a person to cling to?
ehen we find no where else to bleed,
we let the wounds cry onto the paper instead.
when we have nothing, we have our words.

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this is so meaningful, especially because for me, writing is my medium of expressing myself. beautiful!


This just made me feel how alone i feel sometimes. Like i want to tell someone how my day was and express everything with them but i can’t because no one cares.


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