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broke up w someone and explained why. like i explained abt my mental health at its worse atm and rn its best for me not to be in a relationship. for once i looked out for myself.
the next day i go in to school and get called a slag and a pussy.
no one understands how hard this is and its killing me


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Did you loved the person?



Why’d you broke up?


So sorry girl, don’t let them get in your head tho, you’re worth so much remember


Hey Issy… I understand what ur goin through… I believe ur being bullied in school.

Getting in to a relationship and breaking up is totally ur choice… Ur not wrong here… So pls dont pull urself down by thinking about it… Believe in urself.


You know what, fuck what other people say. When people look at someone with hate and disrespect in their mind they are looking at their reflection. I’m so fucking proud of yourself because you decided to prioritise your mental health because you knew if you would continue being with someone they might get hurt in the end.
I’m with you don’t worry girl.
All those kids at school tell them that i would kick their asses personally