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Breakup problem
I hope you guys will understand my problem So we were together 7 months .after that our breakup happen actually my partner father was no more , she told that she. Don’t want tk go beyond her father dream and she was not attracted to me anymore her closure statement was this . So we stopped talking .after a 3 month also i am still stuck i am crying sad everyday feeling depressed ever She will give me reply whatever i will ask to her after a breakup but not upfront she will message me .guys i need ur suggestions and help me I don’t want let her go she is world to me (i just text her know also but i am scared to say my emotion to her what i am going through after a breakup).pls it’s a request still i will text she will give reply but not how she used to be

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I understand you are in pain but she made herself clear. I think you should try to move on. But you are allowed to express how you feel for the last time so may be drop text. I would say don’t expect anything from her. Just tell her how you have been feeling and close that chapter.


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