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Chahti hun bahar aana per nahi aapa rahi hun



yas @yas_jam_7

Kyu break up kiya jb nhi bhula pa rhi to. If you need help ask me i will try

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avinash singh @pretty_pizz...

How can I help u


जब घर की सफाई करते है तो पता करना होता है ना कि गन्दा कहाँ कहाँ है, तो अभी बाहर मत आओ पहले ये देखो कचरा कितना भरा हुआ है अंदर एक एक याद जो परेशान कर रही है उससे भागो मत सोचो और एक अच्छा सा जवाब दो, आगे बढ़ने से पहले रास्ता साफ करना ही पड़ेगा


Hey your gonna be just fine just give it some time…💯 lots of hugs and love…❤


Main app se pyaar karta hun


Karo ge


How can someone change suddenly

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avinash singh @pretty_pizz...

Aisa hi hota h yrr


May be

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What’s stopping you?

Aman singh @aman_singh02

I know how it felt like when someone u love moved on …but you just to keep your self busy…and time will do the rest…Happy diwali to u and all here

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Aditya @chajitae

You okay?


Stuck in a very bad situation 🥺

Saurabh SHARMA @singer

Any astrology help dm here

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stuti @rosy_tickle_2

Hi all. I had a breakup with my bf. Who is younger than me. Initially I told him this can’t happen. He entered into my life tactfully. Steadily. He was the most charming guy. He would love talking to me. He was so good as a boyfriend. And one day. When we spent a night together and he could not perform, he left in the morning at 7 am . And texted me that he hated to be with me. I took care of him. I cooked n sent meals to him. As I m working n earn and he has finished his MBBS n preparing for his PG being away from home. I never let him pay the bills even. Would always insist that he should study more n more for a good PG seat. After that night he became rude, he hated me. He stopped taking my calls. Called me irritating. Now he has blocked me everywhere. And today morning he gave me around 10 calls and didn’t say a single word. If I call back he would disconnect. I was true to him. The worst thing is not that he has left me, it’s that I feel being used. And that word called ‘trust’! I wish him all the good in life. I felt being lifeless for two weeks now.


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