A Glimpse of Mental Health Innovations by Now&Me

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Sarvika Aggarwal

27 June 2023

1 Mins

Now&Me is a revolutionary mental health startup that helps millions of people improve their mental health status and get better mentally, emotionally, and socially.

How so?

  1. Available 24x7, instantly connect with Experts at extremely affordable prices via text, audio call, or video call. Get expert guidance and support in multiple languages, along with a pay-per-minute pricing model for holistic wellness and self-improvement.

  2. The Expert panel consists of 100+ experienced and qualified professionals such as therapists, counselling psychologists, life coaches, career coaches, relationship coaches and sex educators to address issues ranging from relationship concerns to self-esteem, to anxiety and depression.

  3. Within six months of its launch, the Expert Panel has helped over 7,000 people receive 24/7 expert guidance at one-fourth the cost of traditional therapy.

  4. Now&Me is the first platform to have introduced bite-sized therapy, which is basically like a test drive for therapy and includes shorter sessions with timings customizable according to your preference. This works great for people who do not wish to take a 60-minute therapy session or wish to get instant guidance from an expert.

  5. Become a part of our community by downloading the Now&Me app. Connect with like-minded people and experts, and share your feelings and thoughts anonymously or in any way you wish without any guilt or shame. It is a safe space for you and your inner child.

  6. Now&Me has also been recognized and certified by StartUpIndia.

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