How To Enjoy Life

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Sarvika Aggarwal

20 December 2023

11 Mins

Have you ever asked yourself this question – how to enjoy life? Or how to live life completely?

It is a tricky one, right?

Enjoying life doesn’t mean that there will always be rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes you’d feel like giving up and leaving everything behind, but the idea is to enjoy that as well.

The base idea is how to enjoy life – not in the good moments, but also in the bad ones.

Let us see how we can enjoy life by making every breath count like it is the last one.

How to enjoy life to the fullest in 10 ways?

Enjoying & living your life to the fullest can mean different things to different people. Some people might say getting drunk and having a night out is one, while others might say sleeping in with a good movie is one. There are different versions of having fun.

However, the real fun is something else – which is hard for every human to achieve, but once achievable – it can truly make you the happiest.

Let’s see, shall we?

1. Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone

Comfort zones are the worst – you know you have to get out of them, but they feel so warm and cosy that you just wish to be stuck in that place. However, that is not how you will grow, right?

You must have heard of the saying that the moment you get out of your comfort zone, the growth, the remarkable experiences, and the learning — all come rushing down on you.

For a moment, getting out of your comfort zone can seem like a lot — at that time, just take one day at a time and do something small that is out of your comfort zone. For example: complimenting a stranger even though you don’t like socialising, and you might realise that if this wasn’t so hard, you can do anything.

2. Practice gratitude

Being grateful for everything – the good and the bad makes life simpler. It is easier said than done. However, many scientific studies have found that if you practice being grateful – there are fewer chances of getting emotions of jealousy, envy, and comparison.

If you wish to enjoy life and be thankful for the present moment – you can start being grateful by journaling things that make you the happiest. To practice gratitude – you can also journal your thoughts & feelings on the Now&Me app. Make it your daily ritual and look at yourself transforming.

3. Meeting new distinctive people

It is hard for a lot of people to have close relationships or show their vulnerable side to others which is why – meeting new people from every walk of life gives a fresh and unique take on life and things.

Especially after COVID-19, people have started understanding the importance of close ones and life. It is important to have those few constants in life who keep you grounded. However, there is no harm in meeting new people and cracking up a conversation which makes you feel young and happy.

Now&Me also provides the feature of community building via their app by connecting with like-minded people and brewing conversations that help make memories and lifelong friendships. You can become a part of this family anytime you want.

4. Nurture your loved ones wholeheartedly

Having positive relationships is necessary to lead a happy and fulfilling life. At times, you can forget to spend time with your loved ones and take them for granted. You forget that no one is here to stay forever because of this, you forget to shower your people with love.

You must tell your loved ones how much you love & care for them. This can be done through different love languages which are, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. Studies have shown that having positive relationships leads to a long and happy life which helps in times of distress, mental breakdowns and critical situations.

5. Spend time with yourself

To lead a happy life – it is important that you are happy with yourself. You must have heard of the saying that if you are happy with yourself, nothing else matters. It is true because, in the end, you are the one with whom you will spend your entire life.

Spending time with yourself can mean a lot of things – you can invest in yourself, you can get to know yourself, you can enjoy your time by indulging in activities that bring you solace, and lastly, you can always chill with yourself – as you do with your best friend.

The technique is to befriend yourself.

Enjoying life is all about finding fun in the smallest of things and changing your attitude towards life. Connect with a therapist and learn how to enjoy life as it comes for free.

6. Collect experiences, not possessions

Spending your hard-earned money on worldly things won’t bring you ultimate happiness. It might make you feel joyful for that mere moment. However, in the long run, what will really matter are the experiences and memories you make with your loved ones.

In the end, you will get tired of hoarding possessions, and what will bring you real happiness is spending time with your loved ones and investing your money in things that truly make you happy.

Experiences don’t only consist of making memories with your loved ones but also getting out of your comfort zone and going to different cities, meeting new people and learning about their culture. This will not only expand your knowledge about the world but will also give you a new perspective on life, in general.

7. Nourishing your mental & physical health

Your health needs to be your utmost priority, it is how the saying goes – health is wealth. Pushing yourself to exercise daily releases happy hormones called endorphins which are naturally produced chemicals that help you experience joy and fun.

If you look after your health, everything else aligns in your life smoothly. You don’t have to necessarily put a lot of hours into maintaining your body – even if you do brisk walking/running for 20 minutes with some exercise or yoga – it will do wonders for your body.

Moreover, physical and mental health are connected – the more attention you pay to your physical health, the more happy and calm you will feel mentally and vice versa.

8. Create SMART goals for yourself

The secret to enjoying your life is creating SMART goals for yourself. SMART goals mean having goals which are smart, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. We, humans, take a lot on our plates without any set timeline and end up overburdening ourselves.

The idea is to take baby steps when you wish to build a life for yourself. Taking everything at once can make your goals unachievable, and you might get in an unending loop of stress and worries.

So, whenever you wish to achieve something in life – make SMART goals for yourself.

9. Rest and do not compare yourself

It is extremely challenging to enjoy life if you are feeling stressed, burnout and lethargic. In order to enjoy life and live to the fullest – it is important to take a breather and rest.

People feel there isn’t anything that relaxation cannot do until they take one. So to feel refreshed and enjoy life like you want to, give yourself a chance to rest, rejuvenate and get back on your feet stronger and happier.

10. Allow yourself to be happy

Many of us feel it is wrong to feel happy or enjoy the mundane tasks that we do daily. However, what is wrong with that?

Being happy doesn’t mean you’ll only be happy when you do something new or something that gets your hormones running. Happiness can also be found in doing your daily chores, like your work or while having coffee.

Don’t be so hard on yourself to not be happy. Happiness is a choice – choose it, embrace it.

The list of how to enjoy or live a life with joy is endless. There are a lot of other things that you can do to feel happy and content. However, you have to start somewhere. If you start by practicing gratitude or by spending time with yourself – other things will come automatically to you. Give yourself that time & patience to enjoy life the way you want to enjoy it.

11. Enjoying life means you have to work towards it

Enjoying life actually means that you have to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to work on goals that can help in building your dream life.

Enjoying life doesn’t mean you go to parties or trips – it means doing the hard work and having fun, all in balance.

After all, it is your life – it all comes down to how you wish to build it and make yourself happy. No one is in control of that, only you are.

Why is it important to enjoy your life?

Enjoying your life is crucial so you feel happy, joyous and full of life in everything you do. Living your life can mean different things to different people – but mostly, it means finding pleasure and joy in your long-term and short-term goals.

People usually forget to live life like they wish to because they get so engrossed in the rat race to achieve materialistic things. They forget that whatever they started doing was for them to be satisfied and content in life.

It is important that from time to time you remind yourself why, how and for whom you started doing whatever you are interested in doing. And, you will see, enjoying your life will become easier.

Does it really matter? Yes, enjoying your life really does matter because if you stop living your life – you might fall into the stressful void of depression or anxiety.

How to enjoy life

It is hard to create a life for yourself, but if you care and love yourself – the hard part doesn’t seem so hard anymore. Enjoying your life matters because it is the small moments of life – your first relationship, your first heartbreak, your first salary, your first car and many more things like these which make your whole life better and happier.

How can Now&Me help?

Our platform Now&Me is a safe place that makes you appreciate and value life by writing out whatever is weighing you down. It can help you in the following ways —

  • It reminds you of things that truly matter by sending notifications of positive affirmations every day that can help you live your life to the fullest.
  • It helps in structuring your thoughts and feelings, which can help you understand how to enjoy life.
  • Engaging with others can help you understand the importance of life and how to enjoy it.
  • It helps you practice gratitude, which further helps you understand how to live life.
  • You can be a part of the larger community.
  • It’s like your personal journal—write whatever you wish to because sometimes writing about stuff makes you realise what you need to do next in order to live a happy life.
Now that you have understood to have fun in life, you need to put in some effort too, connect with a therapist and understand what makes your heart dance and brings you joy for free.


When you do not know how to enjoy your life or live happily, sign up on Now&Me and let your words flow. Be a part of a non-judgmental, inclusive, and friendly community. It is a beautiful and warm family that has got your back. A platform made for you to readily ask for help and to simply write whatever you are feeling and breathe easy.


Living your life to the fullest requires you to work on a life that makes you the happiest. For that, you need to work on your goals, create a routine, do things that will make your inner child happy and most importantly, remember to live for yourself, so that you know that every breath you take belongs to you.

You can enjoy your life alone in many ways. You can do that by connecting with your inner child by indulging in activities that make you the happiest, talking to yourself, taking yourself out on dates, rewarding yourself with small gifts and being with yourself like you are with your best friend.

Enjoying life at home is easier for people who love to stay at home and hate socialising. However, to enjoy life at home – you can create a space for yourself where you can vibe and chill, put on some nice songs and make yourself a delicious meal, put on your favourite movie and have fun. If you see – there is happiness in everything you do, you just need to find it.

Sometimes life will knock you up, and you won’t feel like enjoying life, which is absolutely fine. You cannot enjoy life every second. However, most of the time — you can enjoy life by developing an attitude of gratitude and taking life as it comes. If you let things flow and stop being controlling towards everything – life will be a fun game that you will enjoy playing every day you wake up.

Enjoying your life from scratch can be difficult. At that time, take life in bits and pieces and remind yourself what keeps you alive. And with that thought, move forward and enjoy life by keeping small goals.

You can improve your life in 7 days by making realistic goals. Ask yourself what you wish to improve in the next seven days and divide those goals into those seven days. Do not bombard yourself with everything. Take baby steps, and you will do wonders.

The key to staying happy all the time is to be always grateful for what you have in life – whether it is good or bad, just appreciating life for whatever it has thrown your way as that has made you into the beautiful person you are today. Being absolutely happy with your ups and downs will keep you grounded, and, in turn, that will keep you happy.

To live a happy and content life – you do not require money. Yes, money is a necessity and at times, you really need it. However, to lead a happy life – the game is about being intrinsically happy. It is about being happy with whatever you have, lowering your expectations, and not having many worldly possessions. The key to a happy life is – to become so powerful from the inside, even if everything is taken from you, you are unshakable.

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