Hello 2020? We Are Not Ready for You : Sincerely, 90s Kids

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Yashika Suri

08 October 2021

2 Mins

It's 2020 in less than a day and all we can say is that we are not ready for a new year let alone a new decade.

This new decade marks for a tough one for all us 90s kids out there.

Be it trying to figure out what jobs we want or getting ready for our supposed wedding and all the responsibilities that come with it. This decade is surely coming with a lot.

1. To start with let’s remind everyone that in 2020 you’re not a teen anymore!

All us 90s kids are officially not teens anymore.

I don’t know about you but I am twenteen years old. And I’ll be twenteen one years old!

Just not ready to give up being a teen, yet!

90s kids 2020 age update meme

2. Guess who’s gonna have to decide on a career path?

Guess who’s gonna be working in a 9-5 job? In an office? YOU!

Didn’t think about it until now? It's alright, you’ve 2 days to enjoy before you enter the hell hole.

Kim Kardashian meme on adulting

3. While we are worrying so much, care to know how our parents feel?

Well, they are EXCITED. It’s finally the decade they can get you married!!

Imagine being married?! To another person!? Having your own family!?


Too young to get married meme

4. Not just marriage, they are also expecting grandkids!



Have kids they said meme

5. This also means added responsibilities.

Are you financially stable to pay your rent? Can you save enough money every month with the oh-so-little salary you get for the amount of work you do?

(Help us, god. Pretty please?)

Kanye West Rent is due meme

6. It’s sure gonna be a roller coaster ride.

So many decisions to make this year. Who do you think I am?

The Prime Minister?

Spongebob adulting meme

7. Let’s talk about those born in 1990.

You 30 yet? 30? That’s like being old? What are you doing on the internet? Don’t you want to go grocery shopping?

30 year olds meme

8.Welcome to Old age, fellas!


Dream Destination Ikea meme

9. Just before we go, here’s another reminder! :P

year ends in a month joey meme

... Oh and also, Friends is going off Netflix in 2 days :(

Definitely not ready for that!

PS: This article is intended for fun and not to hurt the sentiment(s) of any groups or individuals. Peace.


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