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Birthdays. They’re really something huh.
We should cheerish them because those were the days we were born, that day is powerful itself. Is just nowadays to me it feels so… superficial. Fake.
Maybe this is me just getting older and seeing more the bigger picture. I have valuable people in my life, and they often remind me how much they love me; not only on birthdays. I love them because they make my birthdays feel casual yet special, that joy it brings it’s something not other date can do.
And they I have the other side of the coin… the superficial part of birthdays; people who I do not want to talk or they appear just in special occasions like these come to my life again. Is overwhelming. Very. I have to keep my energy and social face intact because they do no harm, yet they do. It’s exhausting, it absolutely angers me. People feel obligated to congratulate me and I hate that.
The photos, the waste of money we barely have, the meaningless kisses and hugs… that part has no use, not when I’m surrounded by fake people. I’m grateful, I’m grateful to God for all it gives me. But I’m not gonna eat people’s bullshit you know?
Birthdays as a child is such a wonderful thing. You don’t worry about the money or the people around you, you eat and play with others. It’s wonderful, and everyday I hope everyone can experience that. Simple life.
It’s hard getting through this day, life is like that I guess. I hope when I get older I get to experience it as a simple day, only surrounded by people I love and they appreciate my being. For now I have to endure it, just think and enjoy the good parts and work hard to make these days more special and not a burden anymore; for myself. DAMN I deserve it, this is my birthday wish. Happy birthday to me, let’s wish and work harder angel!

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I completely agree to what you said. I hate it too when I’ve to act nicely or respond politely to people who are wishing me on my birthday just for the sake of it or just because they saw it on Facebook or someone else’s story. You absolutely have a valid point. I wish too that someday my birthday is just about me spending time with my immediate family and close 2-3 friends. That’s all.


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