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Bhagwat Geeta thought.
Everyone knows that Shri Krishna chose to be a charioteer of Arjun, deep down Shri Krishna wanted to be charioteer of Karna’s chariot.
The reason Shri Krishna chose Arjun, is his flexibility towards life. Arjun was like a feather and situations are like air. Air decides whether the feather will go, not the feather decides that where he wants to go. On the opposite side, Karna was like a stone. He sticked on his words to not to batray his friend Duryodhana. Karna never wanted to change according to situation, but Arjun accpeted the change and tried to be in the situation to solve it.
This incident teaches us that we should try be like the feather, so that we can convert ourself, our opinion, out thoughts, mind and heart as per the situation. If we stuck to our own values, words, ego, and thoughts, then we can’t get peace of mind. We keep blaming the situation, people who created the situation and our self that why we have done that due to that we are facing it.

So be a feather, not a stone.
Radhey Radhey to all.


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hare krishna


Hare Krishna my friend.🤗🤗


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