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Jay_Kay @pranayjay

Better is one’s own law of works, svadharma, though in itself faulty, than an alien law well wrought out; death in one’s own law of being is better, perilous is it to follow an alien

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Sanket @sanket

Very complex to comprehend and ambiguous
Can you put it in simple words?

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Jay_Kay @pranayjay

Right and wrong will always be subjective and will keep changing with time.
If you have a sense of morality and righteousness it’s better to stay firm to that; rather than what others ideas of how a righteous man should be.
For example, if you killed a criminal, you can try to convince the world you were justified, but do you actually believe it was justified? Because if you don’t believe it’s justice you will make a habit of convincing yourself into killing more people or you won’t be able to relieve yourself of this burden while you’re alive.

Sanket @sanket

Thank you for putting it in simple words!!


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