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Akash sharma @akash14

Being introvert isn’t easy. We want to talk but not with everyone. We want to go out but not with everyone. We want to do fun but not with everyone. We want to be the centre of attention but not everyone’s. 💢

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Itne bhi relatable thoughts ni dalne the merse

Akash sharma @akash14



So true but People think we are rude and mean

Akash sharma @akash14


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A potato @raa

Exactlyyyy 🥺❤️



Nisarg Shukla @nisarg0402

Not agree with you because if you think anyone is introvert then he/she does not want these all. Introvert means person simply don’t like all this just love to being alone. So whoever is thinking about him should reassess his thought

Tanesha Das @tanesha

I agree with you why just people use the term introvert for this it’s just a fashion for everyone now we introverts just love to be with ourselves and who said we don’t have friends and we don’t chill we do with that one person that all matters to us who knows us fully just don’t misterm the word

dipanjali @dipanjale


Ghost @mshardlyworking



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