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Being in a relationship with a hard-working man is not for everyone.
This is why some women these days are interested in men with no life perspective.
Having a relationship with a hard working man is to understand that he might not always be available for you.
You may think, there are times where he will not always seem invested in the relationship, but its not the case at all, its quite the opposite, he wakes up every morning and works hard every chance he can to create a stable future for you.
You need to understand there will be days where he will most likely be tired and he’ll barely have time to take a shower and give you a kiss and head to bed to get some much needed sleep to start it all over again the first thing in the morning.
Do not take this kind of man for granted.
He might come off a little rough around the edges because of his dirty callused hands and greased stained shirt, but this man will love you with a type of love you have never experienced before.
So here is to the hardworking men that are married to the woman of their dreams that get up every morning and work hard everyday for their families in order to live a life they have always dreamed of.❀

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Raghav @r4gh4v


Well said!!!


Dammm true πŸ’―


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