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Ashwini @ashwi

Being always patient quite frustrating as people always do what they love to but never think a once that other person feel the similar way !

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Because they don’t care…

Ashwini @ashwi

That’s True!
I don’t know but something stops me doing the same with them and that’s frustrating why I can’t!


You don’t need to do the same… Let’s do our part and leave rest on god, he gonna decide what to do with them… I believe in karma and god and it works for me…

Raj Prince @raj22

You can be patient upto some extent, if not people will still continue to hurt

Ashwini @ashwi

I always wondering why do even people do such things when I didn’t even bothered them! Ah these creatures are frustrating won’t live and never allow others to live!

sheker @shekernandhu

Yeah. Patience is good but not always.

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