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Being a victim of body shaming is an experience that only another victim can recount. It is sometimes unintentional but more often is implied by certain inconsiderate acts against the person in question. It is generally thought to be against people who are fat, but it is equally meaningful for the people who are thin. Only a victim knows how far reaching its consequences can be. People think it is OK to make fun of people based on their appearances. Someone is black, someone is white, someone is fat someone is thin. What the society does not realise, is that with the means of such petty actsthe person’s self esteem completely degrades. They will start hating their own body. The mirror becomes a constant reminder of their personal sufferings, taunting and ridiculing their dowdy figure. People around you will certainly make fun of you and when your clothes will not fit you anymore they will laugh. You will go out in skinny trousers devil laugh at your skinny legs. You will go out for shopping and you will not find your size. The sales girl will laugh behind your back and you will just smile and go on. But your inside will be crumbling the weight of your incessant struggles will shatter the very foundations of your self esteem. You will want to be like those supermodels and those actors with seemingly β€œperfect” bodies revered by everyone. But your story should not end there. You are more than your body, you are more than your face. Do not let the society tell you otherwise.

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Thank you for this, i needed to read it today

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PREACH. That was beautifully put! Thanks for this. More love and power to you❀️

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Clarity in everything
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Be gentle with your actions. The way you treat inanimate things manifests into your behaviour with others & shapes your personality.

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The physical urge of body ruins the mental peace. 😌

Modest @modestwriter

The physical urge of body ruins mental peace. 😌