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Being a 14 year old is not that easy. Puberty on one side but becoming a teenager is also not easy. All the acne on the face makes way more difficult. I feel more disrespected and unequal. I hope there are some pure souls to motivate me with who I am.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Oh honey, it really isn’t easy at all ://You are hormonal, your friends/peers act crazy and rude and mean, it’s all such a confusing and exploratory time. 
But don’t worry, it gets better with time. Once you identify triggers and causes of those triggers. Do consult a dermatologist if you feel the acne is going out of hand, but usually, this happens to most teenagers, so don’t worry about it, just try and let it be. 
With all this chaos around, the perfect way to stay motivated or even happier for that matter is finding something to be passionate about. Or at least that is what worked for me.
At this age, we have a lot of passion and emotion to devote to causes and interests that we feel strongly about. Try and associate yourself with that. That also helps derive a sense of confidence and comfort in belonging to something of your own. I might be wrong, but this is what helped me as it allowed me to keep negative thoughts at bay. 
I know it’s hard because you’re not a child anymore, and neither an adult. You don’t know what is expected of you, things are changing, people are changing, it is all a lot to assimilate. But believe you me, this sort of horrid phase does pass, and you do start growing into your own philosophy.
So, don’t worry and don’t be scared. Stay engaged, stay interested and curious and your older self will thank you for being so wise. Although, you do already sound pretty wise to me, given how perceptive and understanding you are, so I’m sure you’ll sail through in this rocky boat just fine and land at a beautiful beach in Bali :)))much love and light, here for more advise if you need xx

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… Don’t feel disrespected and unequal. Being at the age 14, i had a great experience and  all things were so great and new too. 
And you too enjoy being at this age coz these times will not come again. And don’t worry about your acnes and all… They will come and go…


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