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(Before you start reading this … you might wanna revisit my last post 🙂. Please do )

To the delulu human beings who find it difficult to relate to my thoughts in no other ways other than just the sex thing … you need to wake up. There are much better things to see and experience in this world. It’s easy to like videos that talk about “how to live your life” and post it as the story for your social media handle… but that’s all we can do. Or rather … that’s all we choose to do.

Romantic stories are attractive bcz you don’t get to see them in real life. You love ZNMD and YJHD … bcz you crave for it. You long for it. But you never really get to experience it.

Let your thought process work 🫂

And I don’t plan on giving up on my thoughts. I’ll wait till time brings me that one human who strikes a chord.

Let’s make this happen … 🫂

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