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Before she knew that I was sexually abused by my father, my mother always thought I was a disrespectful child until the age of 16. She always said would have bad luck because I disrespected her.

Iโ€™m twenty-seven, and donโ€™t really believe in God nor his Commandments especially โ€œhonor thy mother thy father.โ€ This is because I feel like my parents disrespected me one and that my father abused me and my mother telling me things that made me feel terrible about myself but in retrospect heโ€™s only said those things because she thought I was disrespectful.

However I still believe that thought haunts me lot and that is. I will have bad luck for the rest of my life because I feel like I do have bad luck and I always get angry at my mom and we fight a lot I do love her, but Im just hurt.

Every time Iโ€™m angry Iโ€™d blame her for a lot of things are not her fault also because she said those things and itโ€™s affected me. And I feel guilty all the time.

So is it a self-fulfilling prophecy that I have bad luck or is it true that because of disrespecting my mother I have bad luck?

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Itโ€™s normal even my mother say like that, doesnโ€™t mean youโ€™ve bad luck, see you need to change this habbit donโ€™t shout at her talk to her nicely when you feel like exhausted just be alone, even i was having anger issue that i hit my mom ๐Ÿ™‚ later when she didnโ€™t talked to me i went nd ask her kiya hua she said tujhe yaad nhi, to be honest i didnโ€™t rememberโ€ฆ Thats how anger works, btw srry to hear about abused, btw can i know what abused you facedโ€ฆ


You have bad luck because you think thatโ€™s the only thing you have when it comes to luck. It might sound philosophical but trust me change your mindset and see how things work in your favour.


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