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Been studying so long but stil have no idea why i just keep forgetting the concepts and formula, i was a bright student till 10th and now i can’t remember things for long.

Is it because im always at home or im lacking focus?

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Dont listen to people saying " u need a break" yes u need a break but not a break that u will use ur phone but a break to go outiside for 5 min or somthing


Same…but now i have started making 2/3 pages notes of every chapter… So that i can revise them quickly before xm

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Pen @fluent_wall_2

If you keep forgetting formulas ,keep revising…
If you feel low, do some exercises and lots of H2O…
If you cannot concentrate,do little breathing mediations…
If you feel like procrastinating,write down on a sheet of paper why you have to study and do reverse counting methods.
If you think you’ve something in your mind,write your thoughts on a sheet of paper…
If you keep getting distracted in between.write down the task on a sheet of paper to do it after this session…


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