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becoz of my height is short and i am overweighted people make fun of me
i really want to loose weight
please someone advice how?

Post anonymously?

First lose weight only because u want it and not for others…try giving up access of junk and high fatty foods…+ dont diet only cut off things that are harmful for ur body…eat heathy food as a regular thing…ik u may already be doing all this…also a small amount of exercise every day…start with 15 mins.
Heres an experienced tip by the way : love yourself a lot the way you are right now and you will start becoming better automaticallly…accept this version of you first…dont be sad or dont hate this.😊 self acceptance works like magic. Trust me. 😊😊

First of all, if you want to lose weight do it for yourself, not because others are making fun of you. You will put your heart and soul into working out when you are doing it for yourself!!! People are stupid , they always manage to find flaws in everyone. It is us who decide whether we should let it affect us or not. First start by going for walks, it will increase your stamina, and when you think you are ready to join a gym , join one. But remember, if you are doing it for someone else , you won’t be able to do for a long time. DO it for yourself!!!

Start exercising


Yeah get clarity if YOU want to loose weight or you want to loose weight because of other people making fun.


i also want to loose weight


Then start with 3 sets of 10 squats, burpees and crunches daily 🤪


And some do share me how to gain weight?


First and foremost, educate yourself about weight loss. I’ve seen so. Many people forcefully starve themselves to lose weight, and end up gaining all of it back and sometimes even more. I suggest Vitruvian physique, Greg douccette and Jeff nippard. Learn and apply what works best for you


what is vitruvian physique
greg douccette
jeff niphard?


is this for women?