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Aman @chosenone

Become someone of interest, have some substance to you. Seriously, you can’t be boring. I mean look how far you’ve come, how unique you could be, how much more you can do with yourself!
Don’t just be one thing! Have a subset of aesthetics to you. Don’t be so predictable, so alike the rest, so easy to judge.
Have a passion your driven by, backed with good character, an intriguing persona, and multiple layers to who you are. Be someone intriguing.
There’s no excuse to be boring my friends, especially in this day and age.
It’s easier to stand out now more than ever before.
So what are you waiting for?
Become it all.
Become the greatest you that you can in all aspects of life.

Or do you choose regret?
Jump in the unknown waters that is your potential.

Aim for it all.

Whether you ease your way in step by step, or dive right in, simply choose to submerge yourself and act.

The world is yours.

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