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basically my friend group dont like me but i still hang around with them anyways bc i dont have anybody else to go with but today i walked up to them and they all started whispering and smiling at eachother and then this girl was like oh my name and i was like yeaaa why do you still hang around with us and i just went idk bc i was panicking and then they all turned around at started laughing and looking at eachother and then they all just ran off to the 2 people werent there and are in there friend group and they obvi told them about it because they started laughing and then they turned around and looked at me and istg i nearly started crying bc i didnt know what to do i dont even like them i just have no other friends so i just stick around with them but idk if i should just leave them and then be a loner bc my own company is probably better than feeling nervous all the time around them they also always do this look whenever i walk over and start smiling but like in a bad way and i just dont know i also never talk with them im just silent ughhhhhh i have like 3 options i either stay with them and get teased or i leave there group and just go on my own or i just kill myself

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Dude first of all thanks for sharing this here, but let’s face reality. Reality is that there r plenty of people out there who enjoys poking others to make their entertainment, that’s a sad thing to do but they are like that only.
2ndly, just fuck them and leave them. You don’t deserve this shit at all for even a second more, if you want someone to talk to you lemme knoe I’ll tell you my insta, but trust me , you’ll find your own friends who’ll be worthy of your friendship, give it some time. Try engaging w people w whom your heart says that ok he or she seems good let’s have a talk. Go have a talk. If it works good, doesn’t then move on. … don’t be sad about it. We all have had this kind of phase esp me, i was very introvert. But then i got friends for life and they’re only 2, but they’re worth it!! Than so called fake besties or whatever. Be true to who you are dude, and then see people automatically will attract to the beauty of your own self! Don’t and never change for anyone be it friends or a relationship!!
Keep going, you have a long adventure to explore ahead:)

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Puh.tato @kumkum

I’m so sorry to hear this girl but I think not having a friend is better than these people you mentioned. It’ll affect your mental health. Hang on there are great people in this world who’d love to be with you and be friends with you. Just be patient and keep hoping. If you need to talk, hit me up. But please leave these people who are good for nothing

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