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Nicole @nicole94

Baby Daddy Drama
When all of a sudden you are the bad parent but the parent who missed half of yours and his Childs life is apparently the better parent apparently it is my fault when she gets sick or in trouble at school but the way she acts at school she never acts this way at home but now everything is my fault but according to him our daughter said i let her get away with whatever she gets in trouble for at his house and he wont believe anything i say but really who believes a 6 year old isn’t going to tell fibs she doesn’t get away with anything when she is with me but now apparently I am the bad parent and even though he doesn’t say it his actions scream it loud and clear like him saying she doesn’t want to go with me but yet he didn’t start saying that till for 2 months straight she clung to me and cried and begged to not go to his house and then all of a sudden he started saying she begs to not come back to me but yet when she sees me he cant get her out of the car fast enough for her then she jumps from his arms to mine every single time I’m not sure if it upsets him because of how much our daughter loves me but doesn’t always act as excited about seeing him as she does me I’m not sure but I am so tired of being made out to be the bad parent when I am doing everything that I can to make sure that she is happy and healthy and that she has a good relationship with the both of us.

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