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…awhile ago my parents found out about me being bi and having a gf, they are trying to be supportive but things were still said and hoping I’ll be with a guy. Sense this is still a sensitive topic I’m too scared to ask about having my own flag now that I’ve discovered I’m actually lesbian. So I’ve asked to for my mother to cut my hair and she said no along with her not wanting me to have a dike haircut. I asked today about me doing it myself and she said no but I did it…not much different and I’m still not happy with the length. What would you do?..

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i personally don’t know but your parents seem like there trying so i would try to hint to them like bluntly obvious things before telling them/asking them for an flag bc it will be easier to ask bc they would see it coming before hand and try asking them like “hey i have been thinking about getting a lesbian flag is that alright” be chill about it and calm it will work the best and ask it at the right time so give it a couple weeks.


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