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At times it feels like what i did. letting go of person whom i loved the most was a good decision. Then again another thought comes up. Fighting for them whom u love is required. Was my decision correct. I don’t love myself. Will i ever get love. i hv doubt on this.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

If you had to let them go, you weren’t meant to be. Have faith. You’ll get through this❤️


I am sure there must be a reason why you had to let them go. You have to fight for love that’s true, but are they fighting too? No one can ever tell what the right thing to do is. Life is always about making choices. If you have taken a decision, trust yourself. You will know with time if you did the right thing. Don’t un-love yourself because of this. Keep loving and spreading the love. You will find love again. I know, at the moment it does not seem like that will happen., but there’s someone for everyone. Keep your faith strong. You will get through this ♥️


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