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at times i used to feel really lonely, like i didnt have anyone to talk to. this wasn’t true, i had a million people around me who i could approach. even then, why did i feel lonely? why do most people feel lonely? in my opinion, it was because i wasn’t comfortable in being with just myself. i didn’t accept myself, i wasn’t keen on understanding myself and being alone with my thoughts. once i realised this, everything changed almost instantly. of course, it is a constant struggle to try and be happy with just yourself, but it’s only at the beginning. once you start doing it, you become independent and understand what β€˜loneliness’ really is. once you start learning to be with yourself, you grow.

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SO TRUEEE! i was in a relationship for 4 years and when that ended i thought i couldnt be alone and that i was dependent on him. That wasnt the case at all. I got over him and started loving myself more instead. I’ve grown so much since then, I dont need anyone anymore and i am so happy with myself.

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