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at times i used to feel really lonely, like i didnt have anyone to talk to. this wasn’t true, i had a million people around me who i could approach. even then, why did i feel lonely? why do most people feel lonely? in my opinion, it was because i wasn’t comfortable in being with just myself. i didn’t accept myself, i wasn’t keen on understanding myself and being alone with my thoughts. once i realised this, everything changed almost instantly. of course, it is a constant struggle to try and be happy with just yourself, but it’s only at the beginning. once you start doing it, you become independent and understand what ‘loneliness’ really is. once you start learning to be with yourself, you grow.

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SO TRUEEE! i was in a relationship for 4 years and when that ended i thought i couldnt be alone and that i was dependent on him. That wasnt the case at all. I got over him and started loving myself more instead. I’ve grown so much since then, I dont need anyone anymore and i am so happy with myself.


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