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At the time of lockdown I came close to a girl we almost talked for 3 hrs everyday and texted each and everything recently she got a new job and became busy now I’m not even getting text messages or calls from her and when all this started to happen I realised I was in love with her I am always waiting for her reply I even cry sometimes I really miss her

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Hello… I have been through the same situation and I have cried for the days over it and I didn’t had anyone to talk to but you do have us…I’m here to help you out… don’t cry over her and don’t settle for something less than your worth because there is something out there which is worthy and will make you feel the same way you want…you just have to stay patient and meanwhile you find a person develop yourself, love yourself, if you don’t go to gym hit the gym and when she’ll see your transformation she’ll definitely regret. If you like playing guitar join classes and then start Posting everyone will support you. Just develop yourself and love yourself and let your feelings come out don’t supress it. Okay? Take care please❤️


Nothing seems interesting at this point of life I don’t know why I’m acting like this feeling sad and depressed
It’s Sunday still no text or call from her but she maintains snap streak
Asked her few days ago when should I call you she replied she will call when she’s free


See I’m a girl and we girl like to chase boys and when boys chase us we get bored and we take them for granted and most of the girls do this. So please don’t text or call her please show her that you don’t give a shit about her and engage with others. Watch shows or new movies and do what you love to. And focus on career because if you don’t make it now you’ll regret for rest of your life for that girl and to be honest if you don’t work now and when you find that perfect girl and you want to give her all the happiness of the world you won’t be able to give her coz you might struggle to make money. So WORK ON YOURSELF. And trust me if you have to wait, wait because God has something better for you and he will give you more than you ever wished for.


Thanks a lot
For guiding me it really means a lot
I will start doing things I used to do earlier like I used to play PS4 but when she came into my life I never turned it on and lost interest in all the things I used to do
Yea I won’t let anything effect my career
Once again thanks a lot


Anytime… We are always there to talk with you

Sanket @sanket

Its okay, let her focus on her career. Try to catch with her on weekdays. In weekends you also need to engage youself.
Start engaging with other friends as well.


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