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#Aspirant Life #career growth#
Kbhi expect mat kro ki life straight line ki trh perfect hogi. Naaaaa…Personal problems, Family problems, Financial issues, health issues, Mood swings, Distress, Anxiety, failures, rejections…Sb life ka part hai. Embrace them.

Take them as normal thing. Kbhi pdhai ka mood na ho to socho ki haan normal hai… Sbke saath hota hai…
Give up mat kro and 1-2 ghnte baad ya next day ya 2 din baad full energy se lg jaao…

Chhote chhote goals bnao. Ki mujhe to is week bs ye subject k  notes ke 50 pages khtm krne hai. ya phir is week  previous paper  per day program ke hisab k saath khtm krne hai.

Aap dekhoge ki dhire dhire notes bhi saare khtm ho gye…day wise program wala target bhi pura ho gya…Haan wo alg baat hai ki fix schedule day ki jgh extra days  lg jaynge…lekin unse to khi jyada aage nikal jaoge jo dip aate hi give up kr dete hai.

Remember - It’s all normal. We all are human being. All of us…

Be the person who still tries …After failure, after frustration, after disappointment, after exhaustion, after heartache, be the person who musters up the courage to believe that a new attempt can manifest a **new outcome…Be the person who still tries…

“मुश्किलें मजबूर भी , और मज़बूत भी बनाती हैं”

चाहे कितना भी कठिन हो रास्ता,
मंज़िल मेरी है और हां मै भी जिद्दी हूं…

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