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As though the Time moves forward there is feeling to stop it because I would like to feel and felt the Time which lapses on my Eye which been a retrospective thoughts for present Time and how Lastly how I could Stop it because I am not a Stopper…yet I am Mover with Time…

I Think Time didn’t have me certian things to insist her rather I gonna be a Sticker around here to rotate…

Excited Ecstacically To write this…

Enjoy the Time and Feel the moments and capture these at that instance…because these will leave you the Piggy banks for Future…

So Retrospective Must👍. Gracious!!!

This is Jaya Krishna

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hi Jaya, You are absolutely right. Lately, I have also been thinking about how these are the best moments of my life which will never come again and that I must capture and save them for the future.


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