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As soon as you meet someone

Put them in a position in your life setup

Like in a game of chess, everyone has different positions they are placed on and different attributes

You can’t expect a Pawn to move like a Knight.

At the same time, you can’t have too many Knights.

There will always be MORE pawns than a rook or a bishop.

As soon as I meet someone, I OBSERVE.

I let them talk, ask them charismatic questions, give them a chance to express themselves and decide their position on the board.

The physical location I meet them at plays a huge role.

If I meet someone at boxing, I know they have the same mindset as me to improve their mental and physical strength.

I know they’re not a pawn because they have given their TIME and ENERGY to Strength.

My conversations with them will be more Power, Life and Success Based.

At the same time, If I meet someone at a club or house party, I know they’re more of a chill person and my conversations will be more Cocky, funny, a bit misogynistic 🤣

It doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

That’s what mediocre people do. They rank people vertically.

I see the BEST in every person and set up my interactions with them in a way that brings out the BEST in them.

Learn Life.

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