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Yokshit Karda @yoku2345

As of now I am thinking of pursuing CA for my career but Idk if I should go for it. I will complete it by 2029 if I didn’t fail in any attempt but at that time I will be of 22 years old. Is that okay? Or am I just thinking too much. Its a lot of time and I don’t wanna waste it.

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Harmanpreet K. @harmanpree...

Hey mate,
I totally understand your problem and would rather suggest you to go with your gut feeling, trust your instincts.
If you feel that you really have an aptitute for this career then go ahead. Because no matter whatever career path you choose. You have to put in a lot efforts.✨
All the best.!!
Don’t think much, just go with your instincts and take a proper full fledged session on career counselling and assessment to get more clarity.
I hope this helps.!!✨
We can always connect over chat for further discussion on this.
Harmanpreet K

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Just @lost_soul99

Not Judging you… But as I understood from your post you are stressed coz you might complete CA when you turn 22… Ofc bro you are thinking too much ohkay I’ve seen people struggling with CA exams even at 35 still they trying… Atleast you have a clear goal Humko dekho…bhai humko toh idea he nhi hai ki life mein karna kya hai


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