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As much as I try, I am not able yo leave sweets. I need it after every meal and I am constantly gaining weight. I am addicted to sugar and I can’t even go a day without it. Is this even normal

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Try cutting down slowly. Try incorporating 0-calorie sweeteners instead of normal sugar!

Afreen @afreen

go to the doctor

No one 111 @jarul

Yeah you just gotta cut it out cold turkey

Avni @avni

You could try switching to stevia leaves as a substitution for sugar. Its just as sweet, i hear.

Avni @avni

Btw, i dont recommend going cold turkey because you may face withdrawal symptoms, depending on how much you consume daily. Slowly reduce it down. Its not normal in my opinion but as with any addiction, caffiene, alcohol, drugs, it has symptoms and causes. Please seek help if needed.


try to remember the goal of why you want to resist sugar and you will never fail to deviate from your goal.


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