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As im writing this im literally feeling scared to death. Its my 2nd drop for NEET and only 20 days are left for the exam. I ALREADY FEEL LIKE A FAILURE.
A few days back i gave my first full syllabus test and i scored so low like not even 300.
I wasted my previous drop year and thats why i couldn’t score much and in the first attempt i wasnt even aware of what to do and why is it so difficult to crack the exam because there is no one in my family who would guide me and i have never taken any coaching or something, so i didnt study well.
This year was my last chance and honestly speaking i didnt want to do it but just because my parents expect so much from me and really want me to become a doctor they convinced me to take another drop, which i took and now here i am.
I really tried so hard this time and im still trying but idk why im loosing my confidence. I have always been among the toppers in my school, and now when i cant even score average marks for this competitive exam it hurts.
I know its a different thing but still the only thinf im scared of rn is i dont want to disappoint my parents for the 2nd time.
To be honest i have sc category quota and i can get a govt med college in less marks too but i really want to score good just so i dont feel later that im not deserving.
At this point i dont know what to do…my only focus is to improve myself as much as i can. I dont want to take another drop, im waiting for that moment when i hear my parents say “we are proud of you”… I dont know if that will ever come or not
Just wanted to rant my feelings here because i dont feel like talking to any of my friends or even my parents (dont want to stress them out)

Baaki to i know Mere Madhav humesha mere sath hain…bss mai acche se padhu baaki vo smbhaal lenge

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Dhruv Patel @_dhrruuvvx

Firstly Parents ki icchaa kii wjha se career choose Krna is worse decision.
But now you just think
Are you really interested in this line ?
Is Really Your heart is saying Yes then Fine…
Then you are right that you don’t get confidence etc but agr NO haii tou sidhii baat haii jaha interest nahii haii waha mnn nhii hiee lagega…

Ab baat krte haii exam kii…
20 day’s bche haii…
Rather than stressing out go and be relaxed and study without thinking anything about what will happen

Aurr esa krne ke liye tm meditation kii help le skti ho…
And Affirmation se bohot jyada hie help milegii…

And esa mt socho kii 20 day’s me kya hoga…
20 day’s have 480 hour’s and one day contain 's 24 hour’s
Still you have time…

You just study and focus little on meditation and affirmation and you will thank me on just 11th day.

And I have seen that you are strong enough to handle the situation…
And you are fabulous at handling the situation 🦾


Hey ! everything will be okay


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