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As i’m in my 3rd year. i have started applying in colleges. it makes me feel stressed out all the time. i keep ignoring all the responsibility, which i know is not doing me any good. i’m so scared that i start crying randomly sometimes. i never want to be left alone because it stresses me out. i want to get into a good college but i don’t know if i’m capable of doing so.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Don’t ever think that you are not capable of achieving or doing something. You are capable of getting anything that you wish. I can understand what you are going through but i would just want to put this across that please do not come under the societal pressure of achieving everything within a certain “timeline” Its okay even if the plans you have yourself get delayed a bit. You don’t have to be so stressed out and worried. Things will fall in place eventually and this too shall pass.

Anant @anant

I know right. The pressure is real but what I have realised is that there is no point worrying. It would just put us in excess and unnecessary stress and affect our health. The only thing which we can do is work towards our goals and be patient about reaching there. Don’t worry, everything will be ok.

Salim @salim

“Procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear and a confidence killer”
my advice will be to take one day at a tim.e just to do your bit in that one day, plan just one day. do not think so much about how it will work out. think about everyday how much you have to do and not about what tasks you have in one week. that way you get more stressed. just think about you need to do next, and just do it. that will give you more boost to do next task.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

College can be so stressful and, especially final year when everyone else seems so sorted and sure of what the next few years of their life are going to look like. I can totally understand the random crying outbursts because that happens to me too. Sometimes it is the cumulative effect of everything that is pending or worrying me which causes it, I believe. But I feel much lighter after that, so I think that is a good coping mechanism. I really agree with what Salim has to say. The only thing that’s going to reduce your stress is focusing on what you need to get done in a day and then trying to achieve that. I know it can get overwhelming but don’t worry, you’ll get there :) You’ve got this ! Don’t question your capability, just put in your effort and have faith in the rest of the process. It’ll all work out for what’s best for you, just remember to keep putting in your side of the effort! Best of luck <3




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