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As I wake up every morning, a sense of despair embraces me. That nothing will go right, that this world is too cruel and its humans too. I am not a very smart person who can say many witty things or keep a conversation warm, but I can be very trustworthy. I never had any friend who would give a shit about me. And at this stage of life, I am too tired and afraid to look for one who will understand and respect my feelings. The only friend I trusted, has betrayed me over and over. And I can see that she never valued me, is only with me because of necessity. I sometimes envy those who has found love or friendship.
I just wish my friendship, my love and my contribution were acknowledged.

Post anonymously?

its not been long enough since i am here but i have found this post to be most relatable to me.i have tried many times to note down how exactly i feel but i failed every time miserably maybe because i didnt want to accept the fact that it is some sort of despair,pain or whatever or may be because i cant classify what exactly it is like is it pain or to a whole contrary peace,calmness etc.i feel like i have shed some weight off my body but i dont know what was that weight?,was that happiness!was that pain!or was it both in equal share!.i am sorry i dont have much to comment on this because i myself am dwelling through all this and neither i want give you a false hope which i cant give to myself nor i want to approve this pain which i am hesitating to approve for myself otherwise. i am sure you are wrong only at one place where you have mentioned that you are not very smart and cant say much of witty things.thanks again and pardon me for copying this.i wish light to go through this diamond.and that light would see many colors.🤡


Thank you so much for responding. I think I can understand how you are feeling too. I come here and write down how I am feeling because someone will read my post and will understand the feelings I am having. I read your comment and believe me, it matters. It is good to know my words have touched your heart and I know I am not the only one going through such thoughts.


First of all, I’d like to extend a virtual hug to you because it seems like you need it (: Second, what I’ve learned is that people either enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The friend who betrayed you was meant to be in your life for a season, and there are plenty more people in your life that you have yet to meet so keep your head up! Also positive energy attracts positive energy (:


Thank you for the virtual hug. I am going on with my life and trying to stay positive. Because I know that is what matters. It is just that sometimes it gets too lonely or doubtful. I am learning how to find myself and love myself in those moments.


Amen to that