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As i said before the girl i was in a relationship with left me because she loved another guy but i still love her so much tbh months passed i cant forget her and there is this one girl whom i have been talking to since 3 weeks maybe shes a very kind hearted girl her name is shreena . ever since i broke up with my girlfriend i was shattered tbh and shreena supported me during this time motivating me and stuff always trying to make me smile for the first time in all these months i felt a little bit of happiness when i talked to shreena and i think she loves me idk im not sure she always talks and asks stuffs about me with my friends trying to get to know me more i think she loves me but ever since i broke up with my girlfriend i feel like whom ever i will care for will leave me even thought shreena likes(loves) me i still have feelings for my ex what should i do should i give her a chance or wait for my ex the reason i dont want to give shreena a chance is that i feel like i will end up hurting her feelings and all due to all my depression and shit shes a very kind hearted girl i dont want to hurt her feelings in any way

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Hello there,
I’ve read through your thoughts and I understand how painful this situation must be for you.
But the thing is waiting for your ex isn’t something wise. You should see it in this way, maybe she is happy right now and you should take this in the positive light.
As for Shreena you should definitely give her a chance. This is because you can heal from the pain and sadness that the breakup must have caused you.
Having feelings for an ex is completely normal. You were in a relationship with them due to having feelings for them in the first place. Over time it will fade. Take slow steps with Shreena and things maybe for the better.
Best of luck!
Take care :)


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